Assistance for the purchase of (tools) instruments

A construction worker who having registered as a beneficiary, who has put in one year of membership in the Board and who has remitted contribution regularly to the Board is eligible for this assistance not exceeding Rs. 5,000/- for the purchase of tools, subject to the following conditions, namely

  1. The beneficiary shall be within 55 years of age;
  2. The shall get this assistance after completion if skill acquisition/skill upgradation training in masonry, plumbing, carpentry, bar bending and scaffolding, painting, tile laying, electrician, welding and steel fabricating and interior decoration acquired from skill development centers established by the department of Employment and Training, or Construction Training Academy established by Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation Limited or such other training centers to be established by the Board in this regard;
  3. This facility will be available to a beneficiary only once during his membership in the Board;
  4. While claiming this assistance the beneficiary shall produce the original certificate for having undergone skill acquisition / skill upgradation training, and after production of the original vouchers for having purchased the tools from the reputed suppliers enlisted by the Board along with the application in Form XV;
  5. Once the claim is sanction from the Board, the necessary financial assistance shall be paid to the supplier, after the confirmation of the fact through the training center from whom the beneficiary has acquired the skill training.

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